I cannot update the alias with my pro account

Hi there,

I am having a pro account, however I am struggling with updating the alias for my words, as it disappears almost immediately when I do a right click.

When I update “specific” word I can update the alias, but when I try updating the “Measure” it does not work. Do you know why?


That same thing happened to me a few days back. It resolved spontaneously. That might not be very helpful to you right now, but maybe a small upside

It has being happening on some text, and not on some text. Do you get it only once? As of today, I am still having it on another page.

Yes, I had also noticed that it worked for some parts of the text and not for others. However, I did not recognize a specific pattern. Now it seems to have resolved spontaneously for me (although I didn’t consciously change anything specific).
Do you see a pattern on which text specifically it keeps happening?

Not too sure. There is no pattern on which text it happens. There was a same text that fails, which the second line with the same text actually works if you see the above video.