I can't delete card from card browser

I have removed the :: from the rem so that it doesn’t show up on the queue, but it still shows up in the card list (under settings>account>cards)
Is this intended?

Hey could you confirm if this is happening only for particular rems or for all rems in general?

This doesn’t seem to happen for newly created flashcards, it happens to cards I made from last year.

I spotted this issue when I tried to clean up the cards I made from last year.

I removed all the :: from the Rem but the card is still in the card list (under settings>account>cards).

In fact if I click on that card in the list, it will go to the focused Rem, this is expected right? and then when I hover the mouse on the card option it says “The focused Rem doesn’t have any cards”. Yet there it is, in the card list.

ah nice catch there, probably due to some version problem. Cards created before the browser was released might be having this issue. Let’s see if anyone else is also facing this issue, or if it’s an account specific problem.