I can't load my pdf file

I can’t load pdf in my mac app.

pdf: 1.4M , over 300 p

It’s still show this, even I change internet.

Works fine for me though on mac desktop, I have a pdf over 400 pages, 12mb …

That’s sound great. I may try again.

I’m having the same problem. Rem created on desktop and pdf works fine.
But on laptop just shows the loading pdf screen.

The website version of remnote is able to load the pdf, so its definitely uploaded to the cloud.

Any suggestions as this is the feature that i need in the paid version!


ya same issue with any desktop app, web works fine though

I have the same problem! The pdf I uploaded online can be viewed online but cannot be viewed through the desktop app. But the file I uploaded through desktop cannot be viewed online either…

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Thank you everyone for your reports, are you all having these problems still?

Here are some possible errors for pdf upload variations:

(they are priority=1 and should be fixed soon).

Does anyone have a different issue or do your errors match the ones described in the issue?

hi there,

i uploaded the PDF on a mac. however, i’m unable to open the PDF on a different mac, it says “malformed PDF”. i am using the desktop app. i’d love to hear back from you!

all the best,