I Created the Eisenhower Matrix with Columns


Welcome to my first post on the RemNote forum!
I just thought to share this because I haven’t seen anything on the forum about it yet. Also, in case if anyone was wondering how to make an Eisenhower matrix. I thought to make this so that I can see and prioritize my tasks better as well.

:arrow_up: Custom CSS

Although I like playing around or customizing some code, I have no experience in making any code what-so-ever, so I installed Hannes Frank’s code from his library. https://hannesfrank.github.io/remnote-library/#/library

If anyone has trouble with pasting the code, you need to paste it in its entirety into a blank rem. Once it’s pasted, everything’s set to go and you can use the #columns tag to make anything a column.

I realized I couldn’t attach many things since this is my first post, so I’ve just attached one thing to show what I did.


Love the idea and implementation, thanks bud! :slight_smile:

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