I have Queue Questions

Having issues with the Queue. I create some flashcards and run through the queue to completion. Then I attempt to practice without spaced repetition and it tells me I have no more cards for today. I thought I would be able to practice anytime without spaced repetition. Also is there a way to see when the next cards are scheduled to be reviewed?

There is some confusion still regarding this feature. See more here.

  • When you complete all your cards, you will see the message “no more cards for today”, if you want to study again, you can study the with same way.
  • Yes, as you said, you can study your cards as many times as you want whenever you want without caring about spaced repetition with practice without spaced repetition option.
  • When you study in this way, your spaced repetition data will be updated in the same way just like working with spaced repetition.
  • If you want to view the rem’s spaced repetition information, go to the rem you want to look and type /metadata.

I understand that is how it is supposed to work but it is telling me all the cards are done for the day even if I select practice without spaced repetition