I lost my whole data base I NEED HELP

Please help me. I am in med school and today I lost all my thousands of flashcards. I don’t know what happend, my whole data base just dissapeard. Please,Please help me to restore it. I used only remnote for school and now everything is gone. I need it right now! PLEASE! I have my exams tommorow, I’m devastated.
Please can @Martin or @mattygrov somehow help me.
Kindest regards
Clara Leśniak

Sorry to hear that,
Are you sure that you login with right account…?
Example: You are using Google, You can have two account, an account sign in wiht email of Google (Gmail), one sign in with Google

Yes I’m sure I login with right account- with Google.
I tried everything out.
Is there any option to restore all my lost rems?

settings ⇒ download a daily backup ⇒ import


THANK YOU!!! it worked