Id in the html of a rem cannot be found of the beta update, which is needed by some plugin developers

id is shown in old version's html of a rem

I hope the Id of each rem can be found in the corresponding rem element’s html code like the old versions so that Developer can directly operate the html content of a rem with specific id (such as processing the data of a rem JUST IN TIME to make the rems interactive or display some data that cannot be stored or processed properly yet within the built-in logic of Remnote : adding the image of a function written in Latex with Geogebra API or parsing a html link in the rem to display the content of the link in an iframe element)

I was learning React and trying to revive the script Smart Rem (see ⚙ Smart Rem and The plugin "Smart Rem" does not work) while I encountered such a problem. I used a quick-fix getting access to the js code of Remnote desktop with asar extract and asar pack and modifying the render function. But this quick-fix is lost each time I get an update.