Ideas for Alternate referral system

I see your point, so maybe change to referral to promotor? I found it very hard to convince others to believe that remnote is useful. Most of my friend closed the remnote tab quickly after I show them the essential functions of remnote
On the one hand, people who haven’t been fronted with a complex problem to solve found this unnecessary.
On the other hand, there is a complex system behind remnote. It takes quite a lot of energy to understand how this system works fully. This problem is even worse for non-native English speakers.

In summary, it might be helpful if we have something like “convince your friends to use remnote in 5min.”

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Could you elaborate more about what you mean by changing it to Promotor? Would like to hear more about this idea.

Regarding the difficulty in understanding the app for complete beginners to this space - we are currently working on a big revamp of the UI/UX and also the onboarding process. Hopefully once we are done with that, it would become easier for new users who are testing the app.

Could you also elaborate regarding what you mean by this :

Do you mean to say we should provide documents or ideas on how to convince a friend to use RemNote in 5 mins?

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Regards to my definition of a promotor:

  1. not only let others hear Remnote but show 3-5 key shinny points of Remnote
  2. a promotor should be able to answer the question from a potential Remnote user, and the answer to them should also be customized
  3. as much more contribution from promotor, there should have better courage rules for them

I believe the official group does have lots of thoughts on how to use remnote for research, writing, and related staff. However, the community is still in the Nascent stage. Though the versatility and potential of remnote attract many remnote users, it’s still unclear how they (include me) can incorporate this system.

So, maybe a roadmap for becoming a master of slip-box or zettlkasten or something like this? A carefully curated knowledge database on effective usage of remnote, the principle of spaced repetition, etc.

On the other hand, a promotor should be couraged in more ways, not only by increasing the number of registers directly, but also great video or blog on remnote they made (concerning number of views? or thumbs-up?)

As for the second question, the answer is yes, since you guys know the potential best. This document will help both the promotor and other remnote users to clear their thought on how to implement remnote in their workflow.

These are my personal opinions. I hope it’s helpful.

BTW, the Chinese remnote community is growing very fast. Please consider better support for Chinese in remnote, especially keyboard input and searching

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These are really good suggestions, we have been thinking about an ambassador program and we even have a candidate who’s expressed serious commitment to it already. I think the promoter role aligns well with some of the thoughts about the ambassador program. Thank you for proposing this, we will surely reflect on your suggestions and ideas.

Yes, we have recently become more aware of this and wish to support as much as we can. We will get back with more details on this soon.