IFTTT integration

Hi, I am trying to create note widget to webhooks integration using IFTTT. I followed all the steps in this video.

But still my notes are not pasted in any of the rem. This is my backend api snippets.
“apiKey”: " my api key",
“userId”: “my user id”,
“text”: “{{Note Text}}”,
“parentId”: “NZ7N2j008QfaDyZyj”,
“addToEditLater”: true
If there is any wrong pls point it out. Also which line should I pickup for the parent id from this link. www.remnote.com/w/6126bc43b152ad00345f92d2/My-thoughts-NZ7N2j008QfaDyZyj
Clear this doubt as well.

Thank in Advance :pray:t3:

I’m fairly sure that video is outdated. If you want to join the current Plugins Alpha, whisper Karthikk Vijay on the discord server.