Im confused with the new remnote interface, the descriptions of the different options are too vague to understand

Hi, new user here, how can i practice or test my flashcards without the spaced repetition? i just want to view if i correctly setted up my flashcards. The guides i found are all outdated. any tips? thank you for answering

Click the delimeter (arrows or dash) or type in /cards in the same rem and press enter.

Welcome, Kenneth (@ylora). :slight_smile:

I understand you want to preview a group of flashcards without modifying their scheduling data because you’d like to assess whether the flashcards were written properly.

The two options available in the top-right menu are:

  • “Practice with spaced repetition” will yield all cards that are outstanding in your queue within the given document
  • Practice all cards will yield all cards within the given document, whether they are outstanding or not yet due for review

Both of these options affect a flashcard’s scheduling data. Note, however, cards that are practiced early (i.e. those reviewed using “Practice all cards”) with be given a discounted ‘Target Date’ to compensate. From what I understand from my example (picture below), this still affects when the flashcard will appear for review.

To answer your question, there is no way to bulk preview all of your flashcards in a queue setting. Instead, you might want to hover over their delimiters (the arrows/dashes that indicate their practice direction), or type “cards” using the command menu (’/’), as @UMNiK describes, to see how they would appear in your queue. Otherwise (what I personally do), is to review them by looking at them in the outliner, maybe by collecting them in a portal using a temporary tag.