I'm using RemNote to study Real Estate!

I’ve committed to use RemNote for studying and obtaining my real estate license. One hang up I have is: when do I create a document, and when do I create a non document rem?

The system I use is:

Folders - (encompass documents of the same sort. Eg. all of your documents relating to your Real Estate Studies, or each subject of your Real Estate studies assuming you have more than one subject, would be a folder). Note, you can have a folder under a folder (eg. multiple subject folders contained in an overriding Real Estate Study folder which separates that work from your other personal work in RemNote.

Documents - Major headings within each folder/subject. I make the major headings a document so that I can quickly go to them by using the sidebar, as documents appear in the sidebar under their respective folders.

Normal Rem - The information contained in each document eg. normal text, flashcards etc.

It also depends on how you want to study your flashcards, as I think flashcards can be grouped or separated more easily depending on whether they are in separate folders/documents. However I am still creating my study content also and have not done a lot of flashcard study, so this part may not be accurate.

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Thank you for the response! I’ve implemented a few of those techniques. What you laid out is pretty much what I figured. I can see ideas and uses changing as I use the app more, too. Thanks again :grinning:

I just discovered that Matty has 5 new tutorial videos in the Video Tutorials section relating to the new updates and changed Remnote interface.

The two videos that I think would be most useful for you to help organise your notes would be the last two videos in the new series, which are:
RemNote Tutorial - Studying Flashcards - YouTube
RemNote Tutorial - References - YouTube

The first three videos are also great if you’re very new and just want to get an easy explanation of how the new flashcard interface and other changes work, rather than trying to marry up the content of old tutorial videos with what you see on the new interface.

In the two videos that I have linked you can see how Matty has organised his Medical Degree notes, and how he uses folder and documents. (I wished my notes looked that good!) It’s given me some ideas and I now have an added layer of folders (what were my first lay of documents) so that I can more easily review smaller groups of flashcards in these folders. As I mentioned before, I am also new and this is also a work in progress for me.

Good luck!

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Oh, nice. Thank you! I had actually watched some older videos yesterday, not realizing they had been updated! Good luck to you as well, and thanks again for the responses.