Image, Codeblock Caption like in Notion

[data-rem-tags~="caption"] .rem-text {
	color: #8E8D8A;
	text-style: Sans-Serif Workhorse;
	font-size: 14px;

[data-rem-tags~="caption"]:not([data-rem-tags~="show-tags"]) .hierarchy-editor__tag-bar {
   display: none;

Nice line numbers too! They appear much cleaner than the ones I made!


How can I use that please? I just past your code block to my custom css, past a image. Nothing happened, no caption appears :confused:

Did you tag your caption with #caption ?

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Thanks @marcothesis
You should make Tag named caption first at the Rem containing the Image
and then Ctrl+Enter to make caption

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Thanks for your reply! sorry for my stupid question, I tag my caption right now. However, when I use ctrl + Enter, It becomes a todo list instead of a caption… should I change my shortcut, or is there a way to change the shortcut of caption?

Oh, my… sorry
I didn’t notice that I’ve been using a custom key
What I mean is just use Add line break

I understand it! It works! thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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