Image drag and drop not recognized / Multiple image issue in flashcard

Two problems with the current version regarding the images.

  1. Dropping an image into Remnote is very difficult. If there are lines below it or Rem below it where you want to drop a picture in an earlier Rem, half the time dragging it in will fail and show on the upper right corner "Drop your image directly onto an existing bullet-point Rem to paste it or it will highlight your text and scroll your page. There needs to be a smoother way to be able to drag and drop pictures into it. This is a heavily used feature that is consistently having this bug. It will be very effortful to click next to the bullet (I know this exists where you can click add an image) and dragging is an important feature as each document can have up to 30-40 images and this is the most efficient way to do it from screenshots in a PPT / handout to create a deck.

  2. The new version has a strange way of showing the pictures on the flashcard. Where previously multiple images can be shown side to side now images are shown one row at a time before the rem question shows which is difficult. I use this for medical school with multiple pathology imaging so scrolling is tough. There needs to be a way to return in so all the images can be shown on the same line like it was before the update rather than scrolling. Otherwise if this is not fixed. Can we not have a feature to enlarge or change the font of the flashcard so the entire Rem will be shown in one non scroll down view or even gauge how big the image will be in the flashcard so I know how big to size it to be able to see the details inside the image.