Image occlusion isn't hidding anything

When I click to practice the occlusion card none of the selected words are hidden

as you can see in the picture, that is the appearance of my occlusion card

Hi, do you have a screenshot of this card when it appears in the queue?

Hello, now it’s working with full opacity in the queue. But after that problem, some weird things kept happening (which I’ve reported in another post I think). The main one was, the cards were not assuming the blue spaces assigned to them. So, just after I’ve assigned all my blue spaces in a specific card, those blue spaces were gone right after the editor was closed and did not appear like the image above within my Rems. The image was plain. Like no blue spaces were assigned.

I think there is a software for making gifs of the pc workspace, I already saw some folks using it on discord, if you know the name of that soft tell me pls and I can make a gif showing what I’m saying


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Might want to try this out I’ve been using it constantly!

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Thanks! Rn I’m on my way to bed but tomorrow I’ll check if the problem is still there and I’ll catch it and post it here

Hello, I’m late with my reply because I’ve been struggling to do a caption of the problem. Because this seems to be an intermittent problem. Some times it shows up, and the next image occlusion it’s all okay, some times the opposite.

As you can see in this gif, in the first image the problem did not occur, but in the second blue board/image the problem did occur, but in the second attempt it assumed the occclusion… fckng weird thang

gif is to big to post so i’ve uploaded it to giphy >

Same problem different day.

The image right before this one, it assumed the merged image occlusion at the first attempt.
Then the next picture is what you see…

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Any help?

The problem persists

Hello! I tried to reproduce this issue but unfortunately, I was not able to. I did it the same way you did in the gif (thanks for that!) but the outcome was as expected. As you said, this could stop working from time-to-time, so I will try it a few more times today to see if I’m able to reproduce it.

Hello. Grateful for your attention. In my kb the issue was still going on, I’ve done a reset to my KB and when I get back to use image occ I’ll check if it’s working as usual and let you know

Hi again! I actually have come across this issue myself since my last reply here.
I tried to occlude some parts of my image, and when trying to preview the cards that would be generated (before exiting the Image Occlusion menu), I was not being shown any preview. This was the first indication that there was something wrong. Upon closing the menu, all my occlusions disappeared, which confirmed that there must be some kind of a bug. I will be submitting a bug report on Github regarding this soon and will link this post as well.

To be noted: When I tried to occlude them a second time immediately after encountering this issue the first time (after reopening the Image Occlusion menu), it worked fine. Of course this isn’t a fix, though.

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Yes, that was the work around for my image occlusions in the final third of my semester. Opening the image, produce a random occlusion, close the image and re-open it to start my occlusions :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Hope your post on Github helps this get solved for good.

Thanks for your help. Kind regards

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Update: I managed to find a bug report someone had already posted regarding this issue and have commented on it and linked back to this post.

Here’s a link to the bug report: