Image Printing Occlusion Bug

Not sure why when I print, the blue boxes used for studying are still covering parts of the picture. I’m also confused why the picture itself is whited out.

I tried replicating this and the image came through, which platform is this on and is this happening to all the image occlusions?

The blue is still present, but is translucent. This is not a bug. If you think such occlusions should be completely removed while printing then kindly make a feature request.

I’m not sure what the platform I’m using is called but here are some images that might help with that.

Also, it does happen to other images where I have occlusions in them.

Images without the occlusions are fine though.

are you on windows? if so are you on latest version?
Does this happen in the web version as well?

I am on the latest version of windows. The printing bug does happen on the web version too.

I have the same kind of issue. I’ve tested this on both macos and windows, on remnote desktop apps and default browsers (safari on mac and microsoft edge on windows).
Behavior on desktop app:
Image occlusion cards don’t appear in queue as expected. “Checking for rem to practice” prompt pops up when the image occlusion card should appear.

Behavior on web app:
Occluded images doesn’t appear at all. Only a box with positioned occlusions.
Zrzut ekranu 2021-04-17 o 20.49.01

Images that i occluded are cut out from the source of the document (a pdf) in built-in pdf highlight feature.
I can’t check if this issue is happening also on old cards,because i recently wiped my knowledge base.
I haven’t checked the behavior on local knowledge base.

Hope it helps. Don’t roast me for not using GitHub tracker.

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That’s an interesting catch, thanks for sharing.
@ODKhub are your images taken from the PDF as well or are they normal images?

I often take normal screenshots using the built-in snipping tool app on my laptop. Does that help?

ok that means the bug happens no matter the source of the image. thanks for clarifying

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