Image storage Question

I use remnote on my desktop (not through the app). I just tried to use it though the app on my desktop, but none of the images load. Eventually, computers stop working. So I want to know any and all information about image storage.

I also want to point out that I have attempted to use remnote on my phone before (but not recently) and images loaded properly.

my desktop (not through the app)

By app you mean the web app? Since the desktop is also an app?

When you are trying to load the images on the desktop app is this from the desktop sync kb or the desktop local kb? When viewing did you capture the images from the sync kb & try viewing them from the local?

As for image storage

When viewing images on the sync kb (regardless of it being on the web or desktop app) the images will be loaded to the RN server. The desktop app will also store images on your device in the location you specified when you set up RN. A folder is usually created for your files in this location by default

In the local kb the images are only stored on your device as listed above but will never go to the server

So if you exported anything from the local to the sync kb there could be issues here