Image upload policy (total storage size limit)

There is a possibility to upload images into RemNote. I have a non paying free account.

Is there any size quota being calculated? Or in other words is there “total storage size limit”?

Meaning I can upload as many images that I can?

Will at one point this be payable? In other words. Should I try to optimize in uploading jpeg images instead of png, if one day I will have a “cloud storage capacity”?

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The only limit that I found is that with regular version you can upload only 5 images per hour.

Size does not count and they end up on S3.

Since a month ago I always get a message on the top right of my screen, that it is only possible to upload 5 Images per hour. Otherwise I should upgrade to pro plan. Is there further information about this ?

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What does “they end up on S3” mean ?
Do you what happens if you add more images ?
Will they be removed ?

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From engineering point of view RemNote use Amazon S3 to store your files.

No I do not.

To me it seems, that builders of RemNote currently are having enough other issues to deal with. They will figure out “growth problems” later (or if it will be a problem).

Hey E.Laszlo,
thank you for your reply.
What would be your suggestion to do then ? go for Pro ?

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