Immediate is not working

As simple as it says if I press M or immediate card is never shown again immediately, eventually it does but it looks like it’s a general queue rather than what it suppose to do. I tried that with a small deck of 50 cards and with a 2k deck.

This is an important feature that has to be fixed ASAP.

Yes, I experienced it too.
What I did to get around it is to start the queue again

Every time you miss a word? that’s insane.

We really need a hot fix for this ASAP.

Do creators give a damn at all?

I am not a pro like you, but I think it like your music queue, that if you press again, the card will go at the end of your existing queue, thus, what you can do is practice with a small queue to begin with (i.e. start doing cards for an individual topic, instead of a chapter)

how is it possible such a fundamental feature is broken??

Could you please explain this situation on the GitHub page, I’m sure the remnote team will solve this problem, thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

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Here’s a explanation from the creator regarding how this works :

This is not a bug.

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I agree with @Karthikk that this looks like it’s not a bug. I do see why our UI/UX is confusing though, so we’re chatting about this internally as a team and will include this as part of our UI redesign! Thanks for bringing this up.


@baramon opened based on your request. Kindly explain what you wish to.