Import directly from handwritten notes apps like OneNote, GoodNotes or Notability

It would be fantastic to remove the need to download and import via PDF digital hand written notes from apps like OneNote/GoodNotes or Notability.

I’m not sure how it would work but theoretically connecting the PDF import functionality in RemNote to existing apps that allow you to draw directly onto the PDF. Then, use the imported/linked hand written notes with the PDF function to develop flashcards without ever having to leave either app. Either that, or developing a way within RemNote to draw directly onto PDFs if you have a tablet?! That would be a dream come true!

One question here: Have you tried the “export to text” feature in Notabiltiy? Do you think it is possible to (1) convert hand-written notes into a “plain text pdf” and (2) import it to RemNote?

This way you could turn the plain text into flashcards easily.

Best Regards, Tobi

Also consider Noteshelf pls

Thanks for the reply!

My use case is to preserve the hand written notes (e.g., diagrams, hand written arrows, highlights etc) so the export to text function wouldn’t work, unfortunately! I essentially would like the exact images/drawings from my drawing app to link directly to RemNote to avoid the need for exporting and re-importing.

I agree that would be an awesome feature.

Because at the moment there is no way to annotate or draw on a PDF in Remote and if we do it in other Apps, there is no link, which means we can only upload PDF once we are certain we won’t add any more notes to it, which by definition of continuous learning is impossible.

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Exactly!! It would be absolutely perfect if we could have synchronous PDF drawing with RemNote so that learning is less disjointed.

Samsung Notes is also a great app for handwriting. I use it in My Galaxy Note10+, love it.