Importing Code blocks from Jupyter notebook

Is it possible to import code blocks from Jupyter notebook directly into corresponding code blocks of the new remnote page? Importing the exported markdown from jupyter seems to convert each line of the code as a REM, and I have to subsequently copy them into a code blocks. Is that the expected behaviour?

Also, I wonder if anyone else are using Remnote for learning programming content from jupyter notebooks? I would appreciate any tips and suggestions.

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Wondering why it is not working. How is the code block represented inside Jupyter’s markdown file? Is it not within the fenced code block (triple backtick)?

@liberated_potato The code in markdown is within fenced block. But when imported to Remnote (via either the markdown zipped file import or the direct pasting option in the import dialog box), it doesn’t put it into corresponding fenced block. Below is an example of a markdown content I’m trying to import.

Create a list of unique letters from a sentence using list comprehension
mystring = "This is a string"
set([x for x in mystring])

This should work in the same way as any markdown import.

The current markdown support is limited though. Fenced code blocks for example are not supported yet. Here is the corresponding issue:

When this is fixed the markdown import could work just fine.

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