Improve LaTeX support


I’m really enjoying remnote so far as a complete notes replacement, and I would stick with it were it not for the way inline LaTeX works.

  • As someone who likes to liveTeX their lectures it’s quite annoying that $$ to insert LaTeX automatically inserts a space between your text preceding the LaTeX and the LaTeX (could this be a setting that one can turn off?) Specifically, say I type Let[space]$$x – Remnote converts this to Let[space][space][LaTeXed x].
  • In addition, it’s somewhat troublesome to edit LaTeX quickly (in particular, inserting characters at the beginning and end of an inline LaTeX string) – might it be possible to show LaTeX in unrendered, dollarsign-surrounded form (e.g. $x$) when a rem is in focus / being edited but render it when the rem is out of focus? or alternatively is there a way I can write a plugin / extension / etc to do this? Edit: I notice this is already a feature in the mobile app – could this be selectively enabled for desktop?
  • Could RemNote support inline LaTeX $x$ and display LaTeX $$x$$ without the need to use \displaystyle?

I think all 3 points got implemented in RemNote v1.2? with the new latex editor. Would you agree with that?

The only point left is that now there is a space inserted after a latex environment which could be annoying for stuff like $x$-axis.