Improve the input Settings for Quick Add

I would like to add a setting in Quick Add that the newly entered notes are automatically assigned to the last line of the Thought Queue page, not the first line.
That is, the chronological order of input is the order in which the page is displayed from top to bottom.

Quick Add lets me stay on the page and open a small input box to record new ideas without having to switch to another page.
This has greatly improved my productivity.

However, each new note automatically appears in the first line of the Thought Queue. As a result, the earlier you take notes, the lower down the page; The later you take a note, the higher it is on the page.

For example, I record some rems in chronological order. Rem1 is recorded first, then rem2, and finally rem3. I open the Thought Queue, and from top to bottom the display order is rem3, rem2, rem1 .

This is not convenient for some notes with a time factor.
For example, I did something at a certain time.