Include Alias Text in the Text References

If I alias “World Wide Web” with “WWW”, when I click the “Find Text References” box on the “World Wide Web” page, it should also show anywhere that you’ve typed “WWW”.

One current way to accomplish this is to open up the alias itself (click its bullet), and then look at its text references.

This would be really useful. The idea behind aliases is to be able to substitute the alias for the name with no functional difference whatsoever. If I need to type the exact title of the document anyway for it to be shown as a text reference, a lot of the benefits of an alias are lost. Don’t get me wrong, aliases are still very powerful tools for finding the correct links, but they have the potential to be so much more powerful if they can be used to find references too!


Of course it would be great if the software could automatically list all the text reference including results searched through aliases.
But moreover, I personally prefer that the text references of each alias could be seperated from those of the original rem (not mix them up).
Just mention here one manuelly method to achieve this goal: Add search portal for each alias inside the page of the original rem, then all the possible text references are listed.

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I need this feature. This is the only feature holding me back from the life time subscription lol

this feature would be helpful and appreciated

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