Installed new version tonight, just see totally blank screen

Unable to access my local database using the app; just see a totally blank screen when running it.

Can you check that you’re on 1.3.8 please? You may need to close & re-open to complete the update process.

Same experience, it asked to update to 1.3.7 and the reload ended up in a blank screen. Multiple attempts at close/re-open end up at the same blank screen with no response.

Using macos desktop.

Can you try to open/close again please and see if it updates?

Very sorry for the inconvenience - there was an issue in our MacOS deploy pipeline.

A different issue persist. Desktop app is still 1.3.6. It tries to trigger update to 1.3.8 but after trying/reload on this at least 5 times, the same triggers keep popping up and the update is not installed.


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Same. But at least I’m able to access my offline database now. Whew :slight_smile:

same here, Desktop app on Mac is stuck in the loop. Please let me know if you need any more information to help debug this.

@Karthikk mentioned on discord that they have found the Root Cause and are addressing it.