Invisible rems, only appearing in search. How to show them?

Hi! Various rems (inside one specific rem) disappeared from one of my documents. I remembered them being there, but since I wrote them days ago, didn’t remember the exact content. There didn’t appear as “hidden pieces of text”, just weren’t there at all. I remembered the content of some of them and was able to find them through the general search. I could then open these rems, but when I zoomed out I couldn’t see them inside the other rem. After a while all the ones I opened through the global search appeared normally (with no further changes from my part), but I believe there are still missing ones that I need and can’t find from memory.

Anyone have any idea why this happened or how to change it? The rems are also invisible (not hidden) in the backups.

I’ve had this happen with many daily notes, several months ago. Nothing is lost but they just aren’t there until I search for them.

You search and fix them with Add a Protal at the bottom of RemNote…

Add them to a rem as a portal and you can delete them easily…

Thanks, @TaQuangKhoi, the problem is I don’t remember the content of those rem, so I can’t search them… The ones I’ve remembered I’ve already got back.