iOS application in development?

Hi, I’m a trainee physics teacher in the UK and found remnote and thinks it’s pretty useful, especially for kids that have exams etc… Obviously it can go beyond just exam prep, but that’s the main aspect of it I am currently focused on.

Anyways, access to the software is important, I can see that there is access to it from many platforms, however, I can’t seem to find an iOS app for it. iOS is used a lot by kids, so my question is, will iOS have its own native remnote application?

I know you can create a ‘app’ icon on your home screen using safari, however, there’s a few unnecessary steps that I know could easily be avoided. So yeah, just needing to know if you are going to make an iOS app for it, cause I’d like to tell my kids to use it to help them, but if everyone doesn’t have access to it, then I can’t because it’d give some kids an unfair advantage.

An iOS app is indeed in the works :slight_smile:
I’m not personally aware of the exact ETA, but the team has said that it is coming up soon.

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Last I heard on this (from Karthikk), the ETA was 2H21 Release date for ios app - #4 by Karthikk

Just asked for an update on that thread to try to minimize number of ios convo’s going.

Here’s a link where I share a response I got from remnote via email. They have decided to no longer share a release date for the ios app, it seems and have given no explanation as to why they will not share this.

Release date for ios app - #7 by will