Is anyone studying for A-levels with RemNote?

Since I am still doing my A-levels I wonder if there are more people who are not in university, but still at “school”. I find that most people using RemNote are already studying at a higher academic level or have already finished their degree.

Yet, I’d find it useful to also spread the word amongst all the A-level students. If one starts to build a decent knowledge while doing the A-levels, he/she will definitely benefit from it at university.

Personally, I am glad that I figured out the basics while still being at school so that I can start creating a more “clean knowledge base” when I attend university later this year.

Are there other people using RemNote for A-levels? If yes, do you have specific workflows?

I get around 1500 flashcards to review daily but realistically i can only go through around 500 cards. So i prioritize the flashcards according to its importance level.

This categorization is based on the importance level emphasised by the teacher
Usually the 1st priority flashcards Rem has the most important chapters and most important topics from less important chapters.
2nd priority flashcards Rem has less important chapters and less important topics
3rd priority flashcards Rem has chapters that i have already written exams (that means it won’t be tested in this academic year for next 8 months and it will only be tested in the annual exams)
4th priority flashcards Rem has the chapters and subjects that i will no longer be tested.

So i spend 4 hours everyday on reviewing flashcards. Usually i complete my first priority flashcards in about 3 hours and in rest of the time i go through second priority cards. I won’t be able to go through third and fourth priority cards everyday.

On every Sunday i go through 3rd priority cards too in addition to the first and second priority cards and once in a month i go through 4th priority cards.

How do you prioritise? Is it using tags or is there another function that would help to prioritise?

I am in high school. Me and my couple of friends use it.

My workflow:

General workflow

  • Read before class and make notes in remnote
  • go to school and take handwritten notes
  • come back and rewrite the notes in remnote
  • practice flashcards that evening itself

Tackling flashcard overload

Hey sreyas,

that’s actually quite similar to my workflow. Yet, I haven’t ever thought about prioritizing flashcard. According to what criteria do you prioritize? By subject? Or do you have a prioritization level for every subject?

@brunntobi I am studying A-level and further mathematics as well. I am moving to RemNote I need to import my old Anki cards , Notion and Obsidian content. Then continue in Remote.

Anyway, I need some advice. I tend to make rem notes from books I tend to read several books on the same subjects this does create some unintentional duplication due to memory ,however, may explain things from different angles as well as additional information and references . I am just wondering how I can easily make new evergreen notes/flashcards from them.

My priorities at the moment are exams, however, I would like to be able to move to a more zettelkasten approach for university and beyond.

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I understand your problem. It’s not easy to draw a clear line between “structure/notes of the book” and “outline of your own thought construct / evergreen notes”.

One way maybe is to have seperate documents for both cases.
One document to take the notes and another one to structure your thoughts on it.
Of course you can create crosslinks or portals between the both, but a certain seperation of those two viewpoints may help.

In university, time will probably be the limiting factor. If you are studying with text books for university/educational purpose, you can often take the outline in the book for your evergreen notes on the topic and modify them according to your needs.

It also depends on what you are studying. I study medicine and there is hardly any space for “own thoughts / Zettelkasten approach”. It’s mostly studying the material that is given to you and doing that as well as you can. Of course this may differ from subject to subject. Especially for maths, I recommend checking out the discord channel maths user group.

As a bottomline, I can recommend: Try to portray your thought structure in RemNote and don’t focus too much on the mere process of “note-taking”.

I hope this helps for a bit.

Best regards,