Is Edit Later broken?

I am getting ‘0 Text References’ when I click Edit Later from the sidebar. Is there any way I can view my rems tagged with Edit Later? In the sidebar it shows the counter at 52

This problem happens with all other Rems, when you collapse all Descendants with Ctrl + ⇧ and Expand Children with Ctrl + ⇩, the References List(image) will unappear…

You can call your EditLater back by:::

  • Step 1 : Create a Search Portal
  • Step 2 : Copy as Tag for Edit Later to clipboard by shortcut ( You can find the shortcut with Ctrl + Shift + Alt + H )

Thanks for the help. Although, this did not work completely but I was able to make it work by clicking on the right hand side where it shows the back links. By clicking on the icon and adding it to portal worked. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

EDIT: Your method also worked equally good. I was earlier using a normal portal and not a search portal. Thank you :smiley: