Is it possible to change the font of the latex?

I’ve been using Latex code to add in superscript and subscript in my notes. They stick out like a sore thumb, is it possible to change this?


The new KaTeX rendering doesn’t look as good IMO either. It’s too big and it’s often misaligned, eg when using layout commands like stackrel


I know some other people were griping about it being too small before, but I liked it fine.

You can manually edit the size using this snippet. No idea about the alignment.


Thank you.

Would it be possible to change the font? I’m hoping to make it look more like the default font

Seems unlikely, putting in the CSS font-family doesn’t work, probably because KaTeX has to use fonts that are baked into it directly (that’s a pure guess based on its fonts documentation only mentioning font size).

Hi there…
I found that Notion uses Katex as well. I don’t know what fonts both load by default, but a few fonts (and sizes) work well in Remnote based on these notion pages: