Is it possible to extract inline formatted text?

I see that the the Highlight Powerup can collect all Purple highlights, for example, when the entire rem is highlighted.

Is it possible to do something, when only part of a rem is highlighted? For example, I might highlight what the interviewee said, without the rest of the rem (a paragraph from a news article, in this case) also being highlighted. I do not want to highlight a whole rem because then the key sentence may be buried in 4-5 more sentences. I do not want to have every sentence be a rem, because Remnote seems to choke on that many rems per document.

Alternatively, a search on all rems with inline formatting (highlights) could provide value to me, as a stand-in for just the highlighted sentences or phrases.

I guess another way of thinking of it is that I like how highlights-in-PDFs are done – I can highlight (or extract) just a few words or a paragraph. And I can see those collected into a new document. I would like to essentially collect highlights-in-Rem-Document in the same way.

Another thought: perhaps it could be done with CSS, instead of with a query. Something that could influence anything in a SPAN tag? I assume that is how the inline highlights are represented? Then I could envision opening a document in another context, so a highlights-only .css could be applied – something like that?


Not at the moment. The text highlighting is just that - only text styling, while highlighting a whole rem tags it with a powerup, as you discovered.

Is there a way to get the highlighted colors in an export? It seems that exporting to HTML or OPML or Markdown removes the colors for any highlighting.