Is it possible to Make an ORDERED LIST card from a CLOZE list?

Good night everyone,

I’m trying to make a card that shows me in a row all the rems in my cloze list in the same order that I have written them down.
I already tried the /set function but it didn’t seem to solve the issue

Screens attached

Also, when I click practice rems in a document usually the Queue mixes all my rems. Is it possible to choose how to present them in the queue? Either sorted or unsorted?


For ordered cloze, what we have is demonstrated here - use soft line breaks
Also, check out the feature request - Clozes: hide all, combine clozes, clues/hints etc.

For sequential ordering, check this for a solution practice without spaced repetition
Also, check out the feature request Review cards in sequential order

Thanks liberated, the first link solves the problem. I don’t have time to read the other content, I’ve plenty to read and focus already. I really like RemNote, however i’m looking forward to the day where we don’t need to spend time to learn how to use it or develop it. Even though it has been its great strenght, the open community arround it. Let’s pray for more and more intuitiveness