Is it possible to paste images through the backend api?

I recreated the ios shortcut for clipping things to RemNote (This is how to set ios shortcuts with Remnote) It works fine for text but whenever I try to paste an image, all I get is a rem that says “Bild” which is German for image.

Could it be that RemNote doesn’t allow pasting images or am I missing something?

Thanks @88DM88 for sharing this. Both of them are working. As a further extension of the workflow, is there any way to embed images and videos into remnote using iOS shortcut like the twitter bot does ?

As outlined in Treatment of Image Data RemNote just stores the URL (http or file) of an image in your notes. The image itself has to be stored somewhere too. When pasting this is done by uploading it to RemNote servers. This is not possible with the backend API as it can only add text.

If the image already has a permanent URL somewhere on the internet, or you can upload it to an image hoster/your cloud storage thereby getting an URL, then you can add it with the common markdown syntax ![](URL of image) via API.

Thank you Hannes! It took me some time but I was able to create my image clipper by using imgur

When I used ![](Imgur URLs) instead of Imgur URLs in the text field, I was able to embed the image in my RemNote. Thanks for the tip @hannesfrank. I have one doubt. If we use Imgur for uploading images into RemNote via iOS shortcut, will that image become available on Imgur for other people to use. Is there a more private way of uploading images for use in iOS shortcuts. Or if I want to send an image from a telegram channel to my remnote, is there a way of extracting the url of that telegram image instead of using Imgur upload option.

Can you share how to you made iOS shortcut. I couldn’t follow the instructions given in the linked post since it’s screenshots were in Chinese language.

For the image clipper you gotta recreate this shortcut

And for a text clipper recreate this shortcut instead

To find out what your apiKey, userId and parentId are, follow the images below (which I got from This is how to set ios shortcuts with Remnote although I changed the order of images slightly)

Click on New Account API key and follow the instructions you see on screen

Now you‘ve got your apiKey, which you can paste into the empty text field in the shortcuts App. For your userId copy paste this

and for your parentId copy paste the last part of the url from your RemNote page you want your images or text to be pasted to, for example your thought queue

(Reply to this post Is it possible to paste images through the backend api? - #7 by arunnbabu81 because for some reason discourse won‘t let me reply properly)

A quote from imgur‘s help page:«Posts uploaded without an account are anonymous and hidden. They cannot be searched and only those people with whom you share the URL will be able to see them.»

I made another iOS shortcut to embed images and videos in RemNote using dropbox.

Embed images

text field seen in the last image was filled with ![](Updated Text)

Embed media (videos)

text field seen in the last image was filled with &[](Updated Text)

I made this mainly because the telegram bot was not working for me. Hence I wanted an easy way to upload images and videos from telegram groups to RemNote. It seemed to be working during my short testing.

Edit: This seem to work only if you are dealing with single image or video at a time. If multiple images are selected at a time, the markdown formatting is not getting applied separately to each image link, instead it consider all the links together as a single link and formatting is getting applied for that single link. Anyone has a solution to overcome this?

I also got to make such a shortcut for sending images and videos from discord to remnote also.