Using iOS shortcuts to easily send text, images and media to RemNote

In the last few days, I was trying to create some iOS shortcuts to send text, images and media to RemNote easily. This is what I was able to come up with. Will update here once I find more shortcuts. I don’t claim to have made these on my own. I have used others inputs and methods also.

This was the starting point where RNLY showed how to make iOS shortcuts. But since it was in Chinese I was unable to understand fully. Recently the discussion in this post created a new interest to make some shortcuts especially since the telegram bot was not working for me. @88DM88 shared how he used shortcuts to send images (via Imgur) and text to RemNote. With help of tips from @hannesfrank, I was able to use the ![]() syntax to embed the image from the Imgur url into RemNote.

After this, I was searching for a way to avoid using Imgur and instead save the images and videos in cloud services like Dropbox or OneDrive where I have a subscription and then embed it in RemNote using the URL. Finally I settled for Dropbox, because I remember having learned from @Badjer in RemNote Discord that you can embed images from your dropbox account in RemNote with slight modification in the URL (change the dl=o at the end of the URL with raw=1).

Then I searched for other similar iOS shortcuts in RoutineHub and Reddit. After I lot of mixing and matching, I assembled together a few shortcuts to send images and videos to RemNote as shown here. I had tested these only on telegram. And these were not working when I selected multiple images or videos. So the search continued.

Finally I made shortcuts which can send multiple images and videos at a time to RemNote through Dropbox using minimal steps. Again I haven’t tested this extensively. I have used it in telegram only. It seemed to be working in my short testing. It may work with other sites also.

Embed images (single or multiple)

Show Split Text in Quick Look can be removed if not needed

text field seen in the last image was filled with ![](Repeat Item)

Rest of the fields can be filled as shown in these posts by @88DM88 or @RNLY

Embed videos (single or multiple)

Show Split Text in Quick Look can be removed if not needed

text field seen in the last image was filled with &[](Repeat Item)

Rest of the fields can be filled as shown in these posts by @88DM88 or @RNLY

I hope someone can improve upon this and find a way to directly embed images and videos in RemNote instead of using external servers like dropbox. I don’t know exactly, but I guess the twitter bot is able to save images and videos within RemNote server or database folder. @hannesfrank Can you suggest a better way than using Dropbox ?

I have also made shortcuts to capture image or video using iPhone camera and send it to RemNote via Dropbox in a similar way. Also a shortcut to send images and video from Discord to RemNote is there. I can share their screenshots if someone needs it (after some more testing from my part). I have to make one shortcut for sending text from discord also (not yet done). I also tried to make one shortcut to send images from Facebook private groups (study groups only) - but its little complicated. So not sharing that.

I guess more things can be done like uploading pdf (not sure though). Have to explore it.
Will add here if I find somemore useful shortcuts.


I’m pretty sure that there is no way yet to upload images (or for that matter other media files like pdfs) via API to RemNote servers (see Treatment of Image Data). Even the twitter bot (that I don’t have the source to to check) probably just pastes the permalink to the image stored on twitter’s servers.

BTW for the Android folks: I think one could replicate this with Tasker and AutoShare.

Ya I was wrong when I told there is possiblity to uploading pdf.

I had doubt about twitter bot because some of the images saved in my database folder seemed to be from those saved tweets. I understand that twitter bot is just pasting the image url as syntax. But I had that confusion. That means when the image get deleted from the twitter server, it will get deleted from my remnote also. Is it due to some restrictions in the remnote API. Do you expect that restriction to change in the future?

Don’t have much idea about android. But i guess tasker was a paid app while I was using android.

These iOS shortcuts seem to work with telegram and WhatsApp ( I have tested only those two). Sometime when multiple selections are made in places where connectivity is less, it may show an error. But on repeating, it seemed to be working for me.

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You can check an image link with GitHub - hannesfrank/remnote-inspect: A developer plugin for RemNote to inspect a Rem. if you want. The images on twitter are probably only deleted when the tweet or account is deleted.

RemNote will probably extend the API in the future. But one needs to implement that carefully:
In general web apps need to limit what can be done automatically because if it is automatable it can be exploited by bots. This means when RemNote adds uploading media files to the API they need rate-limit (< X images/h) and/or storage limit your account (< Y GB) or else people will use RemNote servers as their photo library.
Right now both the size of your KB and the API have no hard limit so you can’t just enable image upload via API.

Thanks @hannesfrank for the inspect plug in. I used to check the rem by using inspect element and selecting mobile mode which will show the markdown format used.

I read the “Treatment of Image data” once more. So for single click sharing of images and media from other apps like telegram and WhatsApp into RemNote via iOS shortcuts , I have to use external servers like dropbox to generate a url. But if I have to upload that same image which was embedded using the dropbox url to RemNote server, I can just right click on the image within RemNote and copy paste the image. This will send the image to RemNote servers or local database. (This is what happened when I tested it now)

In iOS I added a link to my home screen for remnote. It opens the browser link like an app. The only issue I have is that the tab key will indent on an iPad but not on an iPhone. Code keys like ## or [[ also only work on iPad and not iPhone. Has anyone got these features to work on iOS iPhone?

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I haven’t used remnote web app in my iPhone yet…I have used iPhone only for sending text or images or videos to remnote from other apps using iOS shortcuts. So I don’t think I can answer your queries, but I guess currently it might be difficult to edit rems in an iPhone. Must have to wait for the iOS app I guess.