Is it possible to **pause** the spaced repetition algorythm?

Hi friends,

I sometimes spend few days away from my computer and when I come back I have a tons of rems that have been pilling up while I was away.
It feels destressfull and gives me a hard time to catch up.

Is it possible to pause the spaced repetition algorythm of some Rems?

So that when we re-enable the cards, we start back where we were at?

Disabling cards do not pause the spaced algorythm…

Thanks a lot!

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Just a litlle up… anyone? :innocent:

I’m also interested in the answer. :raised_hands:t2:

This is only possible around a massive black hole. And seriously, that would be a contradiction of this method of repeating material. I also sometimes have such thoughts when I open Anki :wink: