Is it possible to review the latest cards added?

I’ve added some cards in different folders, but I wanted to review the latest ones at once, and not in each separate folder.

Is that possible?


I just asked this question on discord. thanks.

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It would be nice if we could filter our cards by the date of creation: today, last week, etc.


Yes, I was hoping that we can Practice REM from the Daily Document but it’s only a placeholder for all the Document REMs created that day.

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This is good suggestion, I think you can use query to bring flashcards recently created with in a portal and delete the portal after review.
I do something similar for newly created tasks and the query lists all unfinished Todo’s from all folders and sorts them based on date creation… I can then copy tasks I’m interested in finishing as a batch to my daily page and it copies these tasks as portal to link to context.

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