Is PDF annotation included in grandfathered features?

My account says that I’ve grandfathered all the Remnote 1.1 features. But as of today, I’m unable to upload or highlight PDF. It gives a warning that it is a Pro feature. Can somebody please clarify?

P.S. I see someone else has asked the same question here. But without any answers in comments, it is marked as SOLVED and closed. So, my query here.

No, grandfather is all features before RemNote 1.1 which excludes PDF and Aliases. See this section in Additional Pricing FAQ:

Okay. As of today, I’ve unsubscribed after years from Diigo (which feels woefully lacking in new feature developments ). Am going to subscribe to remnote instead, as it ticks all the boxes for me. Very happy to be part of the remnote family. :slight_smile:

@Brindha :partying_face: And we are glad to have you here! I remember your wonderful iPad screencasts you made a while ago! :blue_heart: