Additional Pricing FAQ

We’ve been receiving a number of questions around details for our pricing plans, and have compiled additional FAQ answers here. We’ll also be adding these to the main pricing FAQ page. Thanks everyone!

Does work conducted using RemNote Pro features transfer to RemNote Free?

Yes! If you move from RemNote Pro to RemNote Free, all work done while using RemNote Pro remains in your account. For example, you’ll have ongoing access to all existing Aliases, PDF Uploads/Highlights, and Image Occlusion Cards. To create new ones, you’ll need to resubscribe to RemNote Pro.

Will RemNote Free release new features?

Yes, absolutely! RemNote Free users will continue to see many new features, quality of life updates, and overall bug fixes/polish. For example, in RemNote 1.1’s latest update we resolved over fifty bugs from our issue tracker. We also deployed a number of quality of life improvements, including a brand new LaTeX editor, a brand new RTL mode, resizable panes, and much more (see our changelog for a full list).

Do users from developing nations receive automatic discounts?

If you require a discount in order to make the most of your RemNote experience, apply for our RemNote Access plan here. We’ll get back to you promptly. Additionally, we’re working on automating setting up location-based pricing discounts for developing nations. We are committed to supporting all users and want to make this as easy as possible.

Do Grandfathered Users get access to RemNote Pro updates?

Yes. “Grandfathered Users” (those with active accounts before the RemNote 1.1 update on January 7th, 2021) receive updates for any Pro features already included in their access. This includes image occlusion, search portals, advanced spacing algorithms, experimental features, automation power-ups, customization, trash history, expanded file uploading, and more. For example, image occlusion is grandfathered, so once we add “Hide All, Test One” support for image occlusion, this update will be available to grandfathered users as well.

Which version applies to “Grandfathered Users”?

Grandfathered users have lifetime access to all features built before RemNote 1.1 (see prior question for a list of sample features). In a recent survey, over 60% of respondents reported using RemNote for more than four hours a day; we understand how important it is to maintain productive workflows, especially those that support knowledge and learning. For grandfathered users, all existing workflows will enjoy ongoing lifetime access and support.

Are more features and polish coming soon?

Yes, always! Expect rapid and ongoing development (features and polish) across all of RemNote.

We’re hard at work building powerful new features along with providing ongoing product development and refinement. In our latest update we released two powerful new RemNote Pro features (PDF Highlighting and Aliases) and also deployed a large number of RemNote Free updates and quality of life improvements, including a brand new LaTeX editor, a brand new RTL mode, resizable panes, and much more (see the changelog for a full list).

You’ll continue to see frequent updates in both areas and across all subscription options.

Any more details on RemNote’s Life-Long Learning Plan?

This plan offers all RemNote Pro features along with reduced long-term pricing.

Life-Long Learning subscribers also receive lifetime desktop access to all RemNote Pro V1.x features.

Additionally, Life-Long Learning subscribers receive a 5-years of access to all RemNote V1.x features on RemNote’s browser version (including syncing and cloud features, just like RemNote Pro users).

Note: We have no current plans to release a V2. If we did, this would not be for several years and only in the event of significant changes that were incompatible with V1.


Just out of curiosity, is a discount for the Life-Long Learning Plan in consideration? It’s already quite generous, I’m just always in favor of a one-time investment over monthly subscriptions. However the discount program on the monthly plan (at $3/mo) equates to over 8 years before the Lifetime plan breaks even, which brings into question the value of the 5yr support and possibility of V2 being a thing by then.

I’m just a very stingy + poor medical student that certainly plans to commit to RemNote for the long haul and just want to look for the best bang for my buck.

Anyway, congratulations on another milestone!


Question - does the Lifetime Learner plan also include pro features in the mobile apps?

There is no IOS as far as I am aware
Android is still in early development

Example you cannot link up existing references & other basic features at the moment. Since this is the case I wouldn’t consider mobile at the level to support pro features yet

Having said that, once mobile is capable, I am certain the plan would cover mobile as the team is not likely to prevent plan coverage to a certain device/ platform/ OS

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Hey, I am new to RemNote but already finding it immensely helpful for my studies. Kudos to you all for making such a great product!
But due to being from a developing country & having some other financial issues as well, I can’t afford your Pro-plan now. I have already applied for your discounted access feature where I have explained my situation.

I just wanted to know how long before I receive a communication whether my request has been accepted or denied. Because I need to dive into my Master’s project head-on and will need to work with pdfs & for that I really need the Pro-plan access.
Thanks again!