Is there a way of easily and quickly access the document (at the part of the current Rem) when making flashcards?

I’m an avid Anki user and started to test RemNote a week or two ago. I always noted that Anki has the drawback of dealing with knowledge “atomizedly”, and as it is (and should be) random, it makes it difficult to structure knowledge, to see the whole picture at once, figuring out connections. So, I loved the idea of RemNote.

But, paradoxically, I’m not find it so easy to go to the context when I’m reviewing my flashcards in RemNote. Is there a way of accessing the document, at the point of the current Rem of the flashcard, directly from the “Queue” view and without stopping the flow of flashcards, i.e., the possibility of still rate that card?

In Anki, I always use extra fields that are shown after the answer in the back providing lots of additional material related to that flashcard; so I can see things within their context just after pressing show answer, and eventually read it or look for a specific information I want to remember before rating the card, just to reinforce my knowledge. And I couldn’t figure out how to do this in RemNote yet. All that I can do (at least that I’m aware of) is to click “edit” rem, to more easily go to the document (and even so it is not that easy!). But it shouldn’t be so.

I think there should be a way of clicking in the bullet, for exemple, and going directly to the rem with its context (maybe through a pop up or secondary window), and still be able to rate that card and continue my queue section.

If anyone knows how to do that, please let me know!

Have you tried rem references? For instance in the picture below, you can essentially create a kind of link for all the times you used that word.

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No, I think there is not super comfortable way yet.
With the Queue Plugins API (once implemented) it could be possible to for example also display parent and children of the flash card, or have a popup with a child with a certain #more info tag or something. You can share your use case in this feature request.

Best thing right now is to (like you did) open the rem for editing or like @ODKhub said to incorporate the extra info into the back of the flashcard and use the reference hover popup. You need to use a mouse though, yourself on the next questions and the popup can’t be scrolled I think.

Edit: Oops, forgot screenshot

But if I click the Rem reference I get out of the flashcard section anyway (it is not possible to still rate the flashcard).

And it would be very good to be able to see the full content of the hierarchy parents, the children and also the same level rems.

Thanks anyway!

I see… it looks like the integration between document and queue section is not that good yet… As the document is full of indexes, I think it will not be difficult to implement that.

Personally, I rarely go back to a content (“document” in RemNote) after I’ve made all the flashcards and reviewed them. I imagine this is the case for lots of people. So it would be very important to have a good integration that would allow easy going back and forth the documents WHILE reviewing. Otherwise, the is not much point in structuring your document with all those indexes (at least for those who do not go back frequently to the document after it is finished).

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Wouldn’t easy navigation from the queue to the documents have the potential to interfere with active recall, though? If navigating to documents from the queue were easier, I can see myself cheating. Perhaps you are stronger-willed than I. :wink:

A clumsy workaround might be to use the “Edit Later” to remind you to revisit the document.

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But this navigation from the queue to the documents would occur only after pressing “Show Answer” (but before rating the card). It would not interfere with active recall at all; I would recall, see the answer, and If necessary, go to the document to see the big picture or solve a doubt in a related topic. That’s all.

The better workaround for now is this one you gave. Thanks!


Thanks, I got the idea.

I also realized (and discovered) that I can access the document from another window, search there (ctrl + p), and even edit there, without closing or bringing problems to the Queue view on the other window. This way I can consult what I want of the context, and then go back to thw other Chrome tab, rate the card and go on with my flashcard section.

Maybe there should be another way, but this one is already satisfactory. I’m ok with RemNote again :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the help!


Very late response but my workaround for this goes as follows:image

(I don’t think my document is a good example for this because it’s a complete mess with a bunch of questions all over the place)

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