Issues with the Queue

Hello everyone, I’ve been using RemNote on both my Mac and an Android phone. I’ve often found that the queue progress (for example 43/150 questions) is lost when I switch from one device to the other. This happens even when I have ensured that a sync is completed on both devices. Occasionally, the queue progress updates itself without my having done any questions. What can I do about this?

This is keeping me from doing my cards effectively, because I have to keep importing them in small batches to Anki. Would appreciate if anyone can suggest a long-term solution.

I have the same issue. Reloading the page, making sure everything is saved and re-opening the RemNote app on the Mac solves this most of the time for me.

The same problem. In Account > Card table I can see that today was practiced a few cards but queue shows progress 0. Usually it happens when I use my android app, but sometimes after the web page reload.