July 2022 Update - RemNote 1.8.9 (Alpha & Beta)

Hey Alpha & Beta Testers :remnote: !

:star2: : RemNote 1.8.9 is available for Life-Long Learners, Pro Users and Community Leaders (Mods & Mentors) :star2: :

:point_right: Check it out at alpha.remnote.com & beta.remnote.com :point_left:

What’s new:

  • Lot’s of bug fixes :bug:
  • A shiny new ‘Fast Editor’ :zap:

We are mainly looking for feedback on the new editor performance, please leave them here - New Fast-Editor | RemNote


1.8.9 editor its worth than previous version, in a document with 20.000 words cant copy and paste with mouse, if i press enter key to split parraf the parraf dissapear. Its slow slow, which are the new editor habilities?

20,000 words is quite big :eyes: is there a practical use case for such a long single document in RemNote?

Can you send a screen recording of this please?

Ok the problem dissapear i supouse was a loading problem. But if i have a large parraf and i split it, the screen down to the last line of the new parraf, this its a problem because if i have a big parraf that i need to split in several parrafs the screen go far away and i lost the visual of the original point of split

Well can you said me whats its the big numbers of words that Remnote can drive without problems? thats its a very interestng answer for all us because if we know the limitations , we can modificate our system work and be most prroductive

And with big documents i think old version of editor its faster

Why do you say that? Could you please send some videos showing the difference? This new editor should be faster for larger documents, but if you are noticing anything otherwise then we should definitely take a look at it :slight_smile:

That’s quite hard to put a number on as we are continually changing and improving the performance of the editor with each update. Our goal is to make it the most performant WYSIWYG editor.

If you are looking for a benchmark, I just tried copying the largest wikipedia article into a single document - it takes a while to paste it but it works nevertheless.

Some people have been jonesing to import epubs of books into RemNote to take notes directly alongside.


About the big documents… i only make a test to see how the new editor version woks . You said " We would like feedback on how the new editor feels, *especially with larger documents, compared to the old editor. Do you see any new issues with this new editor…"

Copy and paste dont work from wikipedia big articles, dont work Ctrl V and CTRL C and dont work copy and paste with mouse command. editor freeze after these

Well its rare , copy and paste with mouse dont work if i paste in the inicial of a rem but if i type some letter aftter these letter, coammand mouse paste work. Mouse command paste cant create new rems

Remnote clipper is not working for certain website. Any idea on how I can fix this?

Ok my opinion its you are making a very good work in 1.8.9 beta. Now if you can solve bugs in clipper for linux and the sync bugs in the big date base of your client like me ,Remnote will be best than Logseq, Roam research, Obsidian.
Remember if you do a good job you wil have new clients and all your clientes will grow their date base exponiently to massive date bases, be prepare for news servers with high capacity and velocity, you can be the first place in this bussiness baut you need run faster boys. more faster than your clients


make sure to have a tab of remnote.com open for the clipper to work

No, the problem is that Remnote Clipper dont install in linux