June 2021 Beta Server 1.3.16 Update

Hey @Pro_Users and @LLLs !

Update Changelog :

  1. It is now possible to access your RemNote account using multiple ways (wither Google Sign-in/ Password). Earlier each of those routes created a separate account and this lead to a lot of confusion, when users forgot their sign-up mechanism. It is no longer possible to create separate accounts of that sort.

    If you wish to add additional method of sign-in, you can do so by accessing it via Settings β†’ Account β†’ Add Password/ Add Google Account.

    It’s currently not possible :

    • To link a google account through it’s Alias.
      For example, you signed up using karthikk@gmail.com using password option, and now you want to add google sign-in as an option, you can only do so by linking it to a gmail account that matches the string exactly β€œkarthikk@gmail.com”.
    • To merge these two accounts if they already have accounts of their own.
      For example, if you already have RemNote accounts for Karthikk@gmail.com via both google sign-in and password, then you cannot add/merge these two modes to each other.
  2. Fix the cloze popup closing too early

  3. Optimize search

  4. Optimize image sizes

  5. Fix global graph view link

Kindly let us know if you are having any trouble with login method additions :slight_smile:

Happy RemNote-ing!



When V 1.4 will be released


Hi, I just upgraded to Pro to take advantage of this feature. I can’t find the Add Password/ Add Google Account option. How do I take advantage of this feature?

You need to access the beta.remnote.io for this feature :slight_smile:

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Thank you! My account is currently a Google sign-in account and I want to attach a username and password to it. Can we change our username after we create it?

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