KaTeX display mode environments not working?

I tried to use the align environment, but is does not work in RemNote:

a&=b+c \\

Even though it is supported in KaTeX, it looks like it is not implemented in RemNote.

The array environment works, but not the align environment. Am I doing something wrong or it is not implemented?

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Yeah, I noticed something similar earlier. In the KaTeX docs it says:

The auto-render extension will render the following environments even if they are not inside math delimiters such as $…$ . They are display-mode only.

I think the display mode in RemNote is just never used, even if toggling block mode. E.g. the equation, gather, CD environments also don’t work.


If the cause is being in non-display mode, then the following environments should work.

gathered , aligned , alignedat
… do not need to be in display mode.
Supported Functions · KaTeX

So align can be replaced with aligned, @hugo 's code will be:

It seems working, though this might indicate that equation and CD is not supported on RemNote I guess?


It worked perfectly! Thanks!!

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