Keyboard shortcut for inserting source

Feature: keyboard shortcut for moving cursor to and from “source” rem.

Reasoning: I like to have a workflow with minimal mouse moving. Hence, it would be nice to be able to move into and out of the source rem.

Preferably i would like to be able to.

  1. Create a rem
  2. Hotkey zoom into said rem
  3. Hotkey to source
  4. add source
  5. hotkey into the first line of said rem

I frequently find myself quickly wanting to add the source to a rem when reading material online.

Generally, having a robust keyboard shortcut options will empower power users.
Identifying key actions that are frequently used, especially for navigation, is recommended.
Ability to add custom shortcuts would also be A+.

Hello, you should be able to customize keyboard shortcuts this way: Settings :gear:︎ > Keyboard Shortcuts > image icon to customize the respective shortcut.

Also, not sure if you were asking for this hotkey as well, but in case you didn’t know, it already exists:

Ctrl/Cmd + K