Laggy Flashcard Queue

After the last update (now on V 1.2.3), I am experiencing laggy flashcard responses when I go through the queue. I.e., it takes a few more seconds than usual to respond and move on to the next flashcard after pressing the ‘show answer’, ‘easy’ etc. buttons.

I am experiencing this issue on desktop app (Mac) and I haven’t tested this on the web version or other devices.

Anybody also experiencing this issue? And any ideas on what I can do about it? Many thanks and all the best. Wish you all a good day/night ahead. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaching out. Can you check if you still have lag if you go to “Settings => Queue” and un-check all 4 “Clusters” options?

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Thank you for your reply!

After unchecking the options, it is indeed not laggy anymore. When I re-checked the options, it became laggy again. It appears that the clustering might be a cause for the lag.

I hope this piece of information helps. Again, thanks a lot. Now I know what to do if I want to go through my flashcards quickly.

Best wishes

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