Latex in Cloze (Fill in the blank)

I use RemNote a lot for studying Math and CS. When highlighting a part of a sentence to create a cloze, that contains a latex formula, the cloze part gets messed up a bit. It divides that part of the sentence into multiple parts and sometimes excludes the latex part completely.
Also when editing a latex element and trying to add to the end of the formular something, it adds it outside of the formular, although the cursor was set into the end of the latex element.
Would greatly appreciate if these things get fixed. I really enjoy using Remote!


This is just a display problem I think: Every property like bold, highlight, cloze etc. are applied to spans of text. And each combination of properties must get its own span. So if you have have text like this


 plain highlight plain latex plain
             |----- cloze -----|
             AAA BBBBB CCCCC DDD

you would get 4 spans A, B, C, D for the combinations highlight+cloze, plain+cloze and so on.

When you look at the internal datastructure you see that those spans all get the same cloze id cId which means they generate only one flashcard.

I think is the right place to report this problem :slight_smile:

This sounds like a bug.
Can you provide an example where the latex is missing?

This also bothers me. I detailed the typing behavior in this issue:

has this already been reported?
I get this minus sign (in the denominator) while practicing the flashcard, which I haven’t typed actually. This confuses me.

I guess you’re saying this issue:

Now I realized this was posted 3 months ago. I’m not sure weather this issue has been around for 3 months.