Lifetime storage option or third party cloud integration

Hi so I have the lifelong subscription but I am worried that after 5 years I have to burst out a huge sum of money again or just in general I don’t like the idea of having to pay again when we are supporting for such a long time. I’d like to use this tool for life but the thing that Anki has is lifetime everything for free, storage and all which is the major concern for me about this app. If you can provide at least 3rd party cloud integration that would make me feel a little bit better or even better a lifetime storage option.

We’ll make sure that the Life-Long Learners get the best deal in the long term. Cloud storage is actually somewhat expensive for us, but we’ll likely offer a reduced-price “refill” after the 5 years. You can also of course use the desktop version with unlimited storage for life.


Aside from the storage & life time desktop access is there a difference in the plans? Is there unlimited storage & size upload?

Do you get 1 plan or the other or do you need to pay for both? IE If I had the lifelong learning plan would I also need the pro plan on top of it? Or just have to pay for the lifelong learning plan (well, for the 5 yr duration that is)

In Roam you can actually see the Dropbox files in within the database vs just a static link. That feature is great

Of course Dropbox isn’t the cheapest so there is that consideration

I’ve tried doing that in RN but can’t make it work. I’m not a programmer but there is that possibility on the backend


Thanks, but would a functionality to use OneDrive or Google Drive or some other storage solution be integrated too?

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@Martin, linking below a request I made which relates to this.

tldr: Your existing plans are fair for users wanting those things, but none of the plans are appealing for users who don’t need cloud storage.

hi, from what I understand, the cloud 5 year thing applies to just syncing between devices, the local knowledge bases can be stored on a third party drive and sync and will keep all desktop instances in sync. Will this feature let you sync your mobile devices with the third party as well or can this be added, this is my major concern about RemNote long term vs Anki.

“You can also of course use the desktop version with unlimited storage for life.”

Hi Martin,
If I’m interested to support the LLL plan and only need to sync between a PC and 3 mobile phones, will my sync ability be affected after the 5 years cloud storage end?

Yeah, I would say so. The sync is a paid function at this moment. After the subscription expires, in the case of LLL, 5 years, the sync will be stopped.

But you still can always use the local version though, it should be free for life.

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Syncing is really hard using the JSON files when you have huge amounts of data. Waiting on PCloud integration.

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