Linux Manjaro and Remnote

Hi guys,

I would like to know if there is a solution for an issue I’m getting with Remnote / Linux Manjaro

It seems that remnote is not able to sync when I use it with the appimage for linux distro.
The screen hangs and I’m note able to access my datas.

I use a virtual box from Oracle to run my linux and remnote software solution.
Thanks for your advice,

Are you able to connect some other app to the internet within the VM? For example, can you access your remnote account via a web browser while within the same virtual machine as the app is?

I use the appimage all the time in my linux machines but they are one flavor or another of debian/ubuntu. (I suppose it might be worth creating another VM with a different distro to see if remnote works on that one?)

Thanks Guy for the answer.
I will probably try with an other linux distro later.