Loading taking too long.(App and Web)

As the following two images, the loading status is taking too long time.

I have about 22000 rems. Are there so many rems that caused the loading status so long?

I hope this bug can be solved, thank you very much.


I’m having the same issue with only 4000 Rems.

Notwithstanding this never-ending updating process, all the features work.



To confirm, is this happening on the mobile versions or the desktop?

in my case, both of them.
It happened after the update.

it is mostly happening in mobile after this recent update. Now desktop version is also not being able to sync, I am going for forced syncing of all files, but still it is not getting synced. Not being able to close the desktop app, showing “still saving”

In my case, it happened on the mobile app(android) and the website version.

In addition, the auto daily backup can’t work on the desktop version.

Thank you.

can you confirm if this behaviour is happening only after the recent update?


The last update has this problem already.(From 3/1~)

Are you saying that this problem persists or has been fixed?

Yesterday, I tried again and found the problem has been fixed.

But there is also another problem. The auto daily backup can’t work on the desktop version.


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Yes there is another bug discussion topic on that, kindly upvote and submit your details there (if you have any info to add to the discussion).
Thank you for the report, closing this now.