Local link (or should I call it url scheme?) of remNote

I wonder if there is a way to access my rem by clicking a link
I know that it is currently available for online version, and every rem has a link like: www.remnote.io/document/xxxxx. But if I’m offline, I can’t use it.
I would like to have something similar to thebrain(or oneNote), it has a such url scheme, it can generate a “brain://xxxx” path for each thought. By using this way, I can easily to use it in other software even if I am offline.
I wonder if remNote could has this function?
I am looking forward for this because I hope remNote can be integrated into my workflow.


I really hope this can be done for local knowledge bases. I am also using RemNote, TheBrain and Roam for different purposes in tandem but sometimes I need to cross-reference between them. Although I can add links from TheBrain or Roam in RemNote, it doesn’t work the other way around with my local graph.

Maybe there could be a way to switch to the RemNote application by clicking on a link (with a custom protocol such as the brain://xxx scheme mentioned by bivi) and then automatically access a Rem by its Reference Id from the API, if there is no direct url to accomplish this like in the web version. But I don’t know if custom protocols are capable of this or how they even work.

Yes I have been thinking the same…

the-ability-to-link-between-other-apps-and-services (via URIs)


Yes, this would be so great.

Conversely, I have tried using HookProductivity to right-click on a local file and then paste the “markdown link” which Hook made, into Remnote. It works okay, but Hook is about $40 which I find expensive, considering that’s the only feature of Hook I want. I exploring writing a simple action myself, but couldn’t find out the basics of what the file UID is, or even if that’s what Hook is doing.

I didn’t feel that I explained it well last time

The ability to link between other apps and services. This is possible by special links called schemes.
Of course, apps and services still have to support them. If you have the apps on MacOS and IOS the links should still work. I believe Windows, Android and Linux also support them.

of course, you would also want to link to remote from other apps as well.

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I use many different applications in my workflow one such application is DEVONThink 3 which stores my papers and media. DEVONThink 3 has a URI scheme allowing you to link to indervidual documents at page level. The scheme in this case is x-devonthink-item produced via “copy item link” or “copy page link.”



You can even put them in webpages eventhough they only work locally.
Many apps have there own and some have several schemes

my suggestion is if such a scheme is pasted into source or hyperlinks that the OpenURL function would open them as expected by the OS. So for example I can set the source to point to the document and page in DEVONthink which it will open once clicked.

It also might be useful for REMNOTE to have its own so you can link to REMNOTE content from other applications.


Yes, exactly what I want. I forgot to put this in my survey yesterday, but it’s my biggest wish. It’s what prevents me from doing more in Remnote.

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+1. Please add this function.
When I sort my todos, I have to open a set of same panes. It’ll be a lot more convenient to add a local url.

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I wonder if there is a way to embed clickable links to documents of local apps (e.g., x-devonthink-item://F1D22C3B-63A8-4FBA-95A8-7F5D2472B2A2) the same way we embed weblink into rems. Currently, pasting this link directly into the insert link prompt will only create a rem with the url as its title, I am not sure if this is expected behavior or a bug.

I think your wish is different from Apple’s wish. I think for your wish: I use Hook. It’s pricey, but I couldn’t figure out how to roll my own “Markdown link” maker and nothing else I tried worked. But Hook works very well for me to make links to local files on computer and click them in Remnote. This capability makes Remnote more like a Project Manager because I can open things like Photoshop or draft documents from within Remnote.