Lock Mode / Read Mode: Option to Prevent Unintended Editing of Rems

I request the ability to lock RemNote and also a lock button for individual rems (including power ups like Document or sidebar), like read only mode.


  • you click Lock, and you can read, search, go in and out of parent-child rems as you like, nothing you do to the rems will be saved (maybe a cat jump on your keyboard, maybe you have many other windows open and you accidentally do something that change your rems and you have no idea how many rems were affected. In those cases you can simply close RemNote and all changes are discarded).
  • When you click Unlock, you can edit the rems and it will be saved like usual.
  • There should be a save notification to indicate data has been saved (or synced)

No more accidental modifying your important rems and its structure!

Many of the disasters I have encountered thus far with RemNote can be resolved with this simple feature.

i hope that there would be a reading mode in Remnote , where we r not frustrated by clicking /editing , where we can just read and click to open the folded text …

The Android app has a lock feature like that.

i am talking about the desktop and web app

I understand. I meaning if it’s already in the mobile app it’s probably not difficult to bring to the web and desktop if the community consider it important.

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